LUC Staff


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Brad Bodenmiller

Brad Bodenmiller is the Director of LUC.  Beginning with LUC in 2009 as a board member, he was hired by the organization as a planner in 2014 and became Director in 2019.  He holds a Master of City & Regional Planning.

Brad is responsible for policies, procedures, and staffing at the organization and works with local governments in their planning endeavors.  Brad facilities subdivision reviews and has expertise on a variety of zoning matters.  He is the organization's liaison for the Logan-Champaign RTPO.  He serves on local CIC boards and other development and planning committees.

Prior to joining LUC, Brad worked for the City of Urbana as the Planning & Zoning Administrator.  There, he managed blighted house demolitions, the code enforcement division, floodplain administration, tax incentive programs, and administered the City's zoning code.  His interests include cycling, historic preservation and tactical urbanism.

Heather Martin
Operations Manager

Heather Martin is the Operations Manager of LUC.  She was hired in 2008 as the Office Manager and has experience with for profit and not for profit organizations.  In 2019, she became the Operations Manager.  Heather holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Franklin University and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration.   


Heather provides fair housing support to Logan, Union, Champaign Counties and the City of Marysville.  Heather is the Administrator of the Logan County Land Reutilization Corp, the Champaign County CDBG program and the LUC website.  Heather's responsibilities also include all financial matters including budgeting and billing; records and other various tasks as needed.

Aaron Smith
Planner I/GIS Operator

Aaron Smith is the Planner I/GIS Operator of LUC. He has been with LUC since 2019. Prior to joining LUC, Aaron worked for the Union Soil and Water Conservation District as the Urban Technician. He holds a Bachelor of Science in City & Regional Planning from The Ohio State University.

Aaron assists local jurisdictions in all things zoning, acting as a zoning “tech support” help line. A few examples include assisting zoning inspectors with a particularly difficult permitting issue, helping Zoning/Planning Commissions and Boards of Zoning Appeals get trained and organized, and developing model text to be incorporated into local zoning regulations. Aaron also processes, analyzes, and produces staff reports for zoning amendments that come before LUC for review and recommendations. He also maintains LUC’s GIS database, and utilizes it to produce a variety of planning and zoning maps.

Gram Dick
Planner I/GIS Operator

Gram Dick is the Planner I/GIS Operator of LUC. He started at LUC on June 1, 2022.