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Union Township,

Logan County, Ohio

Union Township LC.jpg

Physical Address of Township House:

5844 Twp. Rd. 201

Bellefontaine OH  43311

Mailing Address of Township:

2405 Township Rd. 46 South

Bellefontaine OH  43311

Phone Number:


Leave a message - call will be returned

Trustees Information

Robert Kauffman, 937-441-3277, Chairperson

Doug Kauffman

Steve Yoder, 937-465-8180

Meeting Time:

The Trustees meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Township House.

Fiscal Officer Information

Rebecca Robison, 937-593-7467

Zoning Officer Information

Mike Kilgore, 937-441-9045

Union Township is zoned.  Please contact Mike Kilgore for information regarding the need for permits and questions regarding zoning.  Please see our rates and zoning regulations on the LUC website.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Jerry Beatty

Don King, President

Matt Jackson

Jim Kauffman

Royce Link

Zoning Commission

Lee Plank

Scott Stewart, Chairperson

Kenny Kauffman

Charlie Guthrie

Dave Link

Union Township has one cemetery, the Philadelphia Lutheran.

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