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Harrison Township,
Logan County, Ohio


Physical Address of Township House:

4246 St. Rt. 47 West

Bellefontaine OH  43311


Mailing Address of Township:

460 Co. Rd. 32 North

Bellefontaine OH  43311

Trustees Information

David Jackson, Chairperson, 937-539-0135

Gary Ginter, 937-542-9184

Jerold E (Skip) Wiford II, 937-844-9156

Fiscal Officer Information

Judy Hartzler, 937-441-3600

Harrison Township is zoned.  Please contact Chris Marlow for information regarding the need for permits and questions regarding zoning.  Please see our rates and zoning regulations on the LUC website.

Zoning Officer Information

Chris Marlow, 937-539-1588

Zoning Commission Members

Charles Lamb, Chairman

Warren Taylor, Secretary

Darian Ginter

Tony Hartzler

The Township is in need of another member

Meeting Time:

The Trustees meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Township building.

Special Meetings/Announcements

The Township will post any upcoming special meetings or announcements. At this time there are neither.

Board of Zoning Appeals Members

Joe Kelly

Jim Thornburg

Matt Dolph, Chairperson

Bob Hudson

Monte Stratton

Harrison Township has one active Cemetery, Blue Jacket Cemetery on Co. Rd. 11

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