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Liberty Township,
Logan County, Ohio


Physical Address of Township House:

790 N Detroit St

West Liberty OH  43357

Mailing Address of Township:

PO Box 701

676 Twp Rd 30 E

West Liberty OH  43357

Phone Number:


Trustees Information

Jake Vitt, 937-597-6246

Wayne Yoder, 937-539-0022

C.J. Hostetler, 937-539-0377

Fiscal Officer Information

Cheryl Piatt, 937-465-2180

Meeting Time:

The Trustees meet the 3rd Monday of each month at 12:00 pm at the Township Room.

Zoning Officer Information

Steve Rabenstein, 937-441-4447

Liberty Township is zoned.  Please contact Steve Rabenstein for information regarding the need for permits and questions regarding zoning.  Please see our rates and zoning regulations on the LUC website.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Steve Rabenstein (Chairman)

Herb Couchman

Clark McDaniel

Shirley Beckford

Mark Kauffman

Keith Hardwick

Clint Barger

Zoning Commission

Dick Lindemer (Chairman)

Jeremy LeVan

Brandy Powell

Adam Cole

Jim Hickman

Larry Johnson

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